Friday, 24 October 2008

liverpool's biggest big draw

2 pages i did for an  e-book meant to encourage children to draw and things. i originally had lots more decoration on the edges but had to take that off cos the way they put it on the page meant that i couldn't have anything at the edges. i had SO much grief with the word 'people'-i just couldn't think of any symbols that weren't arms and feet etc. i'm not incredibly pleased with these pieces, maybe cos i'm not used to having to work in black and white i dunno. but the way it's laid out had to be changed so much due to how it would print out and so it's not really like i really wanted...oh well!! it's done now and i get paid for it! 

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Alice said...

guess this is where illustration is really tricky. Cos as a consumer I look at the work and love the black and white and love the 'essay' look of it without the borders. But because you know what other hopes and ideas you had you are less pleased with the final product than people viewing it are!! hard stuff eh? It's great Jen. x