Saturday, 7 November 2009

after the owls

i was faced with a quandry.

what can i possibly make now? i've done the owl thing, where on earth can i go from here?

last night i was sitting at the table eating beef stew, moaning to nick about my lack of inspiration, whinging about how i want to make stuff, i just don't know what.

i said 'i want to make something Christmassy'

he said 'how about a nativity'

'how about a nativity!' i said back as if it were my idea.

i raced into the sewing room, shut the door, put mistletoe and wine on my ipod and got to work.

ok so i haven't finished yet. by no means, still have animals and gifts from the wise men and the star etc to do yet, but recording my progress on here is so encouraging for me, and really spurs me on to do more.

so here's Mary
(i tried to give her that post-pregnancy bump to be more real)

here's Joseph
(looking a little like a young father christmas in this pic, but doesn't in real life)

and here they are together with Jesus

i've added nifty little buttons to the back,

so you can wind round some string and they can be hung on a tree or on your wall or to a...i don't know. it's up to the owner. i think we are going to hang ours on our tree (which i have persuaded nick to get in just over a week YIPPEE!).

so there you go. a little november nativity.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

twit twoooooo

i have had a little addiction of late. i think we all get them from time to time. mine is concerning owls.
it came from a very productive trip to a fabric shop and me sitting in my sewing room surrounded by beautiful felt, despairing cos i had all this material and couldn't think of one thing to make. i was doodling on some paper, on the verge of tears (ridiculous i know but little things can make me very emotional these days) and i drew an OWL. then i thought 'hang on', this might look a little bit sweet if it was made out of felt!

and so an owl was born.

after a little while, this descended into a whole clan of owls.

they are made purely from felt with buttons for eyes. the inside of their wings and their backs are the same colour as their tummies. you can see one of the guys showing off his wings here-

i actually had a real giggle taking photos of these owls. they make me laugh, and especially the one on the picture above at the far back right who's fallen over-that's Larry, he's a real joker!

here he is again in his natural habitat.

i like to think that if owls weren't massively strong and could rip your face off, i would have one as a pet.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

running for rahab

so recently i got the chance to design the logo for this which Beebs-an usher at our wedding and a LOVELY person- is involved with.

haha, he asked me to try to 'encapsulate the joys of childhood' in the logo, doubt i did that but it was fun to try! he wanted someone running in it, and you should know that i absolutely hate drawing people, mainly because i haven't found a good way to draw them yet that fits in with the type of lettering that i like to do.

so i stuck with what i'm comfortable with and just put little feet on the N...much easier!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

if you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise...

it would be silly of me to only put up pictures of things that i made that i'm a bit pleased with.

also it would be impractical since there are far too many disasters and not enough successes and it would take me forever to wait til i make something vaguely good.

hence... (i love using words like 'hence' in these things because i would never ever use them in real life with real people)... hence i have this perfect example of the kind of rubbish i produce


this guy does make me laugh! i wanted to make a teddy. simple yes? nope! the legs are far too short, the arms are all bumpy and creased and his body is just ridiculous.

this was actually the most flattering photo i had of him, i'm too embarrassed to put up the more detailed ones.

he is the muscliest bear you'll ever see, his chest is bursting and far too defined- he just looks wrong!! no child would want this, although as my kind husband pointed out, when you think back to the first teddy you had it was probably really weird looking too.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

a hero of a desk

i have this new desk which i adore because

> it's red
> it's dinky
> it makes me feel grown up

so to celebrate the new addition to our spare room i made a cushion!!!

it has been far far too long since i have faffed on the old sewing machine, largely due to not having a place where i can put it but now it has a new permanent home!

back to the cushion, i know it's just a cushion. not worthy of a whole post, but to me it's not just a cushion, this is representative of a BRIGHT FUTURE of many more sewn delights!

so here it is, and i am proud of it because i actually had to be NEAT.

there is no room for shoddiness in home accessories and i had to step up to the task and actually use PINS and whatnot- it was pretty different to my normal slap dash methods which is why it took a whole afternoon.

hopefully i will increase my efficiency soon and make more than one thing in a day.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


so i recently did a logo for a kids club that my sister helen is running at her church. it's called dippers and involves sewing, beads, drawing, painting, football, gardening and jenga. sounds the best club in the world right?!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


well i have gone and got married.

won't say much about it except that i LOVED the day and i LOVE being married!!

but let's focus on what's actually important-


me and my bestest friend hannah (marvellous sewer and model-maker) spent months and months making metres and metres of the stuff to fill the hall we had the reception in.

everyone warned us that it was a grim, painstaking, impossible task but we said "pfffff" to that and did it anyway

usually a story such as this would end up with me and hannah severely regretting not heeding the given advice, and we would all learn a lesson from the experience.

in this case however that did not happen.

we ADORED making it, it was a real treat to come home from uni and sneak in a little bit of sewing!!

this is what it looked like on the day

and in case you're thinking, "but that's so far away", this is it close up in our overflowing-with-bunting flat

so the moral of the story is

always make bunting whenever possible-it brings joy to your life

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


i forgot, as soon as i burned it onto a dvd i deleted it! so it will not be put on here!

the end of a lot of art.

yes yes yes i have finally finished uni!! apart from the odd trip in for external examiners and stuff i am DONE!!!

this is my star mobile, i laser cut the lyrics of a song called 'underneath the stars' out of the the stars. can't wait to bring them home and hang them up in my new flat!

my russian dolls. not my favourite piece to be honest but there you go!

building blocks! am a bit annoyed that i took the photo from this side as the pictures on the other side of the blocks are much better.

my 'he loves me not' paper flowers!

my sad little memory book.

the exhibition is all set up now, ready to rock! none of my work is framed cos it's all objects so it's all laid out on this little...well, imagine a tiny little stage and then imagine a few little things arranged on it and there's my exhibition space! my snow globe unfortunately broke while i was takin it to uni last week so that's not there, it's in the bin. i'll get marked down for that no doubt, but there was nothing i could do! i'm going to try to upload the people watching video i made, it's not very good but i might as well.

Friday, 8 May 2009

i've been doin some work!

well today i decided to take photos of some works in progress as it's dreadfully dismal when i'm shut up in my room. taking photos makes me feel like i'm getting somewhere when in fact i'm not. for my final exhibition (which i am dreaading) i am doing a visual soundtrack, so have chosen 10 songs that are just brilliant to work to. music in the background is essential to my creative process. but this last year of my degree my creative process has been dire, as i can't seem to do anything right. so to try and shift my creative block i thought i'd pay homage to the tunes that have never before let me down, and create art as a response to the songs themselves.

so there you have a long-winded way of saying that i'm doing 10 pieces, one for each song.

i have a pillow case (for a song about not being able to sleep)

some trial flowers (for a song about token gestures)

a memory book (recognising a relationship that the singer says has been sadly forgotten)

some building blocks (for a song that describes the things that life is built up of)

i've decided that painting cubes is not the career for me. i like mixing the colours but it's far too fussy for me. i think it requires patience which is something i wish i had! and that's just the background colour, i still have all the pictures and words to paint on- pants!!

none of these are remotely finished. and in addition to these 4 i have a star mobile, a calendar, a set of russian dolls, a gigantic 'dear john' letter, a snow globe and a hmmmmmmnmnmnmnmnnnn not quite sure what to do for the last one. it's to do with people watching. have taken a gazillion pictures of people from the same spot in starbucks (that was a particularly taxing day i can tell you) but just don't know how to quite use them. i need inspiration.

that's enough blogging, it's been a lovely lovely distraction!

Sunday, 5 April 2009


here we have some greetings cards i made. we've got this stall on tuesday where our course makes stuff to sell. i completely forgot about this as it's kind of extra-curricular (if that's the right term and spelling) so i just printed out some stuff i already had, and slipped them in some cellophane to make them look more professional than they actually are!

a scruffy little poster

a poster advertising our final exhibition, was just kind of doodling on the back of my sketchbook-quite a lazy effort really!


these are 2 of the pieces i did for a tights company in london-they wanted some pictures for their catalogue to show the different lengths of tights-had to do 45 in total and i never want to draw a pair of legs again!!