Wednesday, 22 July 2009


well i have gone and got married.

won't say much about it except that i LOVED the day and i LOVE being married!!

but let's focus on what's actually important-


me and my bestest friend hannah (marvellous sewer and model-maker) spent months and months making metres and metres of the stuff to fill the hall we had the reception in.

everyone warned us that it was a grim, painstaking, impossible task but we said "pfffff" to that and did it anyway

usually a story such as this would end up with me and hannah severely regretting not heeding the given advice, and we would all learn a lesson from the experience.

in this case however that did not happen.

we ADORED making it, it was a real treat to come home from uni and sneak in a little bit of sewing!!

this is what it looked like on the day

and in case you're thinking, "but that's so far away", this is it close up in our overflowing-with-bunting flat

so the moral of the story is

always make bunting whenever possible-it brings joy to your life