Wednesday, 9 September 2009

a hero of a desk

i have this new desk which i adore because

> it's red
> it's dinky
> it makes me feel grown up

so to celebrate the new addition to our spare room i made a cushion!!!

it has been far far too long since i have faffed on the old sewing machine, largely due to not having a place where i can put it but now it has a new permanent home!

back to the cushion, i know it's just a cushion. not worthy of a whole post, but to me it's not just a cushion, this is representative of a BRIGHT FUTURE of many more sewn delights!

so here it is, and i am proud of it because i actually had to be NEAT.

there is no room for shoddiness in home accessories and i had to step up to the task and actually use PINS and whatnot- it was pretty different to my normal slap dash methods which is why it took a whole afternoon.

hopefully i will increase my efficiency soon and make more than one thing in a day.


Alice said...

ooh it's lovely - how is the leafy flower made? It's a lovely desk!

Jen said...

ooh thanks! it's out of felt-the loveliest material ever!

Philip said...

WOW! you're taking a big next step... being neat and using pins and stuff. I have yet to do that with my sewing machine ventures... But we all know that its the only way to produce darn tooting quality merchandise. And that cushion is darn tooting!! awesomeness

bigdaddystevieB said...

Delicious desk. Gorgeous cushion.


bigdaddystevieB said...

oops! that wasn't Steve drooling over your gorgeous cushion-ness. I'm using his pooter because mine is broken and had forgotten the significance of that.

Moira xx

Jen said...

haha, thanks moira! and phil, where is YOUR blog huh?!