Wednesday, 4 November 2009

twit twoooooo

i have had a little addiction of late. i think we all get them from time to time. mine is concerning owls.
it came from a very productive trip to a fabric shop and me sitting in my sewing room surrounded by beautiful felt, despairing cos i had all this material and couldn't think of one thing to make. i was doodling on some paper, on the verge of tears (ridiculous i know but little things can make me very emotional these days) and i drew an OWL. then i thought 'hang on', this might look a little bit sweet if it was made out of felt!

and so an owl was born.

after a little while, this descended into a whole clan of owls.

they are made purely from felt with buttons for eyes. the inside of their wings and their backs are the same colour as their tummies. you can see one of the guys showing off his wings here-

i actually had a real giggle taking photos of these owls. they make me laugh, and especially the one on the picture above at the far back right who's fallen over-that's Larry, he's a real joker!

here he is again in his natural habitat.

i like to think that if owls weren't massively strong and could rip your face off, i would have one as a pet.


Marian Frizzell said...

okay, your new post popped up on my facebook newsfeed (I'm not stalking you, I promise), and I saw the picture of the owl, and OH MY GOSH, Jenny, so cute. But what are you going to do with all of them?

Jen said...

haha thanks marian!! i'm gonna SELL them...hopefully!!

blue hands said...

they're sweetiees - have they all got names? Are you doing craft stalls or doing the etsy thing?

M xx

Philip said...

Yeah and luckily your owls don't have large talons!! I'd most certainly purchase one. a young one that I could train to do tricks like fetch and play dead. when can I buy them!! where?

Alice said...

love em! The larry pic looked like you'd been playing owl skittles. Barn owls are quite chilled in real life. And sweet as anything.

They're really brilliant pieces - they'll sell in seconds!

Daniel Fleischman said...

O I read this and fell out in laughter! haha You are so you want to send some of those creative juices my way! haha I would totally buy one, but it would have to make a trip over the pond, which is fine with me!

Btw, how r u doing? And congrats on the baby i hear that is coming! I'm soon to be a first time uncle in about two weeks time! EXCITING!!

Okay, seriously though, if you sell them, I would love to have one...just let me know on facebook or something! Thanks!