Sunday, 7 February 2010

this little piggie

oh it's been

too long

for this i am truly sorry!!

it has been 3 whole months-a quarter of a year- since i blogged and boy it is good to be back!!!

most of you will know that i'm having a baby in april, and this has inspired me to make something nice for the little baboon...the thing is we don't know whether it's a boy or girl due to the fact that our baby crossed its legs in the scan so the technician, try as he might, couldn't tell...

this puts me in a predicament, what can i make for our tiny one?! i've decided that i simply MUST have bunting in the baby's room so i will make 2 different versions-one with cars and roads etc on in manly colours, and one with nice flowers and other things that girls like. but i really can't bear to make 2 of anything else, there is simply not enough time in the world.

so i've decided to make a farmyard mobile, seeing as nick is a farmer boy and our child will inevitably see and hear an awful lot about farms, regardless of whether it's a he or she.

here is my first contribution to the mobile-

a pig

i've actually fallen in love with this pig this afternoon, in particular its little bottom!!

here's a close up

how can you not love a patchworky bottom?!


-mim said...

oh jenny it is be-a-utiful! do u no, the first thing i saw as the page was loading was "boy is it good to be back" and i immediately thought... BOY...IT'S A BOY...AHHH!! and then actually read what it said properly... and yes. lol. but YAY i am sooo glad you are still in the blogging world! i have missed yoohoo!:)

Jen said...

haha you're so funny!!! i do have a feeling it IS a boy though so you may be right on the money there miriam!!!
thanks for sticking with the blog despite my lack of posts!!

LOVE YOU and i owe you a letter! Xx

Alice said...

Jen, this is deeply sweet! I really love it! Your baby is going to be surrounded by beautiful things!

green pickles said...

You are way too clever Mrs Brake! I just adore your mobile so far! Hope the pregnancy is going well! Hopefully catch up with you soon when I'm at church in leyland!
Can't wait to see more farmyard animals. x