Monday, 29 November 2010

hello cow!

here i am again-phew, twice in a week, i bet you're sick of me!

after a brilliant suggestion from my friend phil i've done the cow, but took pictures at different stages as a kind of tutorial (not that i expect anyone to want to make one)...

ok, so first we have some drawings i did, trying to figure out what a cow actually looks like, then when i had the finished idea i cut it out...
er and then i pinned it to my fabric and cut it out. don't have a photo of that! didn't do any legs or tail or udders cos i sewed them on later.

next i cut out some fabric to fit round my canvas-you can marvel at how straight my edges are...not!

then i cut out the moon and pinned it on like so

and THEN i sewed on the cow and the moon properly!

i added some lacy details to the cow and sewed the writing on, then stapled the fabric to the canvas.
and then my faaaavourite part- i slapped some paint on! although i got a bit too paint-happy, it's a little bit too dark for my liking...hmmm.
but it's too late now, if i can be bothered i might start again one day, but for now the cow is DONE and i'll be back another day with the laughing dog!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

hey diddle diddle

i can only apologise for my shabby effort to keep up with my blog!

last time i posted i didn't have a baby and now i do! she's called Bella Primrose and she's pretty sweet and nearly 7 months old which means i haven't updated this for over 7 months...oops!

anyway, i mention bella because she doesn't like the sound of the sewing machine and so i haven't really made anything since she's been around which is why i haven't blogged-there's been nothing to write about!

but i have been sewing a little something bit by bit, little by little whenever i got a moment to spare. i wanted to make some artwork for bella's room, and i thought i could do different canvases telling the rhyme 'hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle' bla bla first canvas is that line i just said-the next one will be the cow jumping over the you see where i'm going with this?

anyway, have finally finished the first is pretty scruffy cos i hand-sewed it and i am completely awful at hand sewing. anyway, here it is!!

i have a love-hate relationship with this cos it took soooo long to do cos i could only do a tiny bit at a time, and i hate time-consuming projects. on the other hand it's really the first proper project i've done since bella and it felt so good to use the creative part of my brain again as opposed to the changing nappies part! (if there is such a part!) so goodbye to the cat and the fiddle, they are finished and hopefully we'll be saying hello to the jumping cow very soon!