Monday, 13 December 2010

bella has a blanket!

now i know that i said i was going to be back soon with the next picture in bella's hey diddle diddle series but the thing is...i am a bit bored with that for the moment, i will finish it, but there are other things that i want to do right now!!!

I made a patchwork quilt for bella-it's been something i've been meaning to do for aaaages but just never got round to it. anyway, here it is, posing with my lovely baby!

i actually finished it a week and a half ago, but silly me, i decided to give quilting a go. took me a whole evening to quilt the whole thing and then a whole 2 evenings to un-quilt it as it looked rubbish.

you would think i learned my lesson but sadly i decided to give quilting another go and again, spent the evening doing it. the next 2 evenings were then spent un-quilting it again.

i decided not to proceed with any more quilting- some blankets are just not meant to be quilted.

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