Friday, 16 December 2011

a waste of time...

Last week i had a real hankering to do some painting, it's been so long since i've done any! so i painted a lion, giraffe and elephant for Bella's room. The less said about the elephant the better, i completely hate it, so that'll be painted over some time soon! but i liked my giraffe and lion, here they are!  

But there is a sliiight problem, i have nowhere to put them!!! As soon as i went into B's room to put them up i realised that i had greatly overestimated the wall space! The only walls free to put pictures on already have pictures on! and to be honest i am not ready to take the current pictures down yet.

especially these sewn street pictures, they took forever to make-

i think i will only take them down when Bella is old enough to say 'Mum i'm sick of these pictures!'

so what do i do with the poor giraffe and lion?!!? 

they're not really suitable for the other rooms in the house...hmmm i will stuff them away somewhere till i figure out where they should live! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's my faaaaavourite time of the year!!

i had a stall at church last night, i couldn't be there but my mum very kindly ran it for me. i did however get to set it up myself which was very exciting! 

Some pictures from it here, if you see anything you like there's plenty more where that came from if you wanted to request anything! is here!! spent the afternoon putting up the tree.

all our decorations smell a little bit funny! not just 'been stuck in a box for a year' funny, they smell like we've been rubbing them in bella's dirty nappies! which of course we haven't been doing! i've drenched them all with Febreze and will give them a day or two to air and then hoooopefully they will smell less offensive!

here's a photo, thankfully you can't smell it or you might just pass out!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

big rings

i love rings, i would love to be one of those people who always co-ordinates and always thinks about what they're wearing and chooses rings to compliment their outfits. But i'm not, i always forget to put rings on. But when i occasionally remember to wear a ring, it makes me feel really nice!

and i especially love big rings. i know big rings aren't everybody's cup of tea but for those of you who like them, take a look at the new rings in my shop

because they're made of felt they're pretty practical! little hands can pull them off you and drop them on the floor and they will not break!! Bella loves these rings, i've had to be very careful to keep them well away from her because soon she would claim them as her own and there's no getting them back then! i've lost one other felt ring to her already.

Also, if you would like one in a variation of these (different colours or smaller...or bigger!!) then just let me know, i would love to make you a custom order!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011


i have a new etsy shop! at the moment there's not loads in there but i'm gonna keep adding to it so watch this space! please do take a look around jenyabucklemyshoe!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

ooh just a quickie...

i recently illustrated a christian chocolate advent calendar for the company Nick works for, it arrived this week and i am very excited!

Excuse the bad photos-i couldn't wait til the daylight to take pictures!

If you want to buy it, go here, it's fairtrade chocolate too-yum yum!

2nd time's a charm!

I crocheted this hat for Bella-didn't follow a pattern as i am the world's worst pattern follower so i just crocheted a circle and kept holding it round Bella's head to check it was fitting.

And then i made a flower for it-

oh boy it was MASSIVE!! it was as big as her head! she looks pretty shocked hey?!

so i had to re-assess and make a slightly smaller flower!

Much improved i think!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


i have been a bad blogger of late- apologies!

but i just want to show you a dress i made for bella, out of soft brown material with pink lining.

i'm pretty pleased since it's the first item of clothing i've made where i have completely made up the pattern myself, there's something very satisfying and liberating about designing your own pattern.

but i have to say, measuring your child before making a dress for her is a great idea and i wish i had done that instead of ending up with a skintight dress that i had completely undo in order to add side panels to make it fit!

here she is wearing it as she steals the lid of the laundry bin-cheeky monkey!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

things that i've been doing lately

ages ago i made a patchworky, embroidered blanket for the end of our bed but to my shame i never measured it or anything and when i put it on the bed ready to swell with pride i was majorly disappointed to see that it didn't quite fit across it! so i cut it up to make cushions out of it like so:

and so then i was left with a big empty space at the bottom of our bed again so i made this patchwork blanket and that also didn't really fit very very well but i just made a massively chunky border around it so it hangs down quite nicely- i was not prepared to lose another blanket to cushions!

i apologise if the quality of the photos isn't great, my iPhoto isn't working properly!

i also recently had a poorly spell and had to stay on the sofa for days on end so aswell as learning to crochet, i embroidered this cushion:

now i don't know a lot about embroidery, i made up my own 'technique' so i am probably doing it all wrong but i sure do love it and is most probably a million times faster than KNITTING a cushion, i am the worst knitter ever! well that's it for now, just thought i'd catch you up on what's been happening in my house!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

seventeen months too late but...

you may remember that a while ago i made some farmyard animals for bella- here and here. i get bored very quickly and move on to other things before i've finished but this does not mean i have finished completely with that project. today, over a year later, i felt like adding to the brood so while bella was sleeping:

i made a cow!! 

and its tail has wire in it so it can be positioned any which way you like! ooh it was nice to make this today, felt quite exciting sketching it out and building it out of fabric! you never know i might make another animal very soon, i'm so in the zone!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

some new friends for bella

one of bella's best things is to go through people's purses and wallets (it's a good life skill!) so i've made her a little wallet that is full of old cards that people don't want anymore. 
the only words bella can say are dada and duck. she just loves ducks and can recognise them anywhere, even the tiny pictures of rubber ducks on her wet wipes packet. but anyway, i wanted to help her recognise other animals to so i drew some little animals... 

and have printed them out on little cards so she can put them in her wallet! here she is playing with them-they are a big hit with her!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

messy dressy

when i was pregnant my bestie hannah gave me a book all about making children's clothes. to be honest, that was the reason i so desperately wanted a girl. you can't really make lovely pretty girly clothes for a little boy can you? (unless you're very mean!) so i promised myself that if i had a baby girl i would make clothes for her.

nearly one year after i had Bella, i finally got round to doing it!

here is my little dress! i got the rough pattern from the book but tweaked it a bit by making it generally scruffier (not on purpose!), adding little pockets etc.

look, it has lining and everything! la-di-da!!

and here's bella now-i had a tough job trying to get a photo where she wasn't lifting the dress up over her head!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

we needed some coat hooks for the hall so...

funny wooden box with hooks-


rubber gloves for my sensitive skin-


paint it all up in nice colours-


hang it on the wall-



Wednesday, 2 March 2011

this is it.

the moment has arrived.

i have finally finished the longest project i have ever done.

yes. it is a wall hanging.

it may not look much to you but it's taken me months to complete, everything on the patchwork squares is hand embroidered, like this:

and if you know me at all you will know that i only ever really make things that give me instant gratification, the concept of taking lots of time over something is alien to me, so please understand that this is a big achievement!

i like it and what's nice is that if i get bored with it on the wall, i can use it as a blanket or throw-ahhhh the possibilities!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

hello dolly!

boy do we have a lot to catch up on! i have been a busy bee recently, but haven't had chance to update my blog. here's the first of a few projects i've been up to...

let me introduce you to Meg. i've been dying to make a doll since bella was born and on saturday, i finally got round to it!

here she is and i have to say, she is a big hit with bella, i have to be very careful when she plays with her though because she is made of felt (the doll, not bella!) and too much baby dribble can make felt shrivel horribly. (i found that out the hard way!)

some little button/collar/pocket detail here! she is 100% hand stitched- no machining involved, which almost killed me! but it does mean that she has that homey feel that i love!

i want to make lots more dolls, preferably to sell so watch this space!

p.s. sweet accessories for Meg coming sooooooon!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

3 little birds

i woke up the other morning convinced that i needed to put some pictures up in bella's room-poor thing has a very plain, dull room. so i drew these little birds and framed them!
man i love computers-they make colouring in so much easier!