Tuesday, 1 March 2011

hello dolly!

boy do we have a lot to catch up on! i have been a busy bee recently, but haven't had chance to update my blog. here's the first of a few projects i've been up to...

let me introduce you to Meg. i've been dying to make a doll since bella was born and on saturday, i finally got round to it!

here she is and i have to say, she is a big hit with bella, i have to be very careful when she plays with her though because she is made of felt (the doll, not bella!) and too much baby dribble can make felt shrivel horribly. (i found that out the hard way!)

some little button/collar/pocket detail here! she is 100% hand stitched- no machining involved, which almost killed me! but it does mean that she has that homey feel that i love!

i want to make lots more dolls, preferably to sell so watch this space!

p.s. sweet accessories for Meg coming sooooooon!!!


blue hands said...

awesome hand stitching!

M xx

anneandsteve said...

Count me in for uying a couple if you do make more - one boy and one tbc please!

M.S.F. said...

freaking adorable. and I've missed your blogging.

Jen said...

thank you ladies! Anne i think i will try to make a boy one next!