Wednesday, 2 March 2011

this is it.

the moment has arrived.

i have finally finished the longest project i have ever done.

yes. it is a wall hanging.

it may not look much to you but it's taken me months to complete, everything on the patchwork squares is hand embroidered, like this:

and if you know me at all you will know that i only ever really make things that give me instant gratification, the concept of taking lots of time over something is alien to me, so please understand that this is a big achievement!

i like it and what's nice is that if i get bored with it on the wall, i can use it as a blanket or throw-ahhhh the possibilities!


Alice said...

Oh Jen, it's lovely! Please, please take more pictures - I want to see more of the details! Well done. I'm deeply amazed at how much you achieve. Xxx

anneandsteve said...

It's so gorgeous. I'm amazed at how talented you are. Love it. X

SarahZoeHills said...

oh Jen, I love this,well done you... properly impressed!!

Jen said...

thank you, you lovely people!!! will put up some more photos soon!