Wednesday, 20 April 2011

messy dressy

when i was pregnant my bestie hannah gave me a book all about making children's clothes. to be honest, that was the reason i so desperately wanted a girl. you can't really make lovely pretty girly clothes for a little boy can you? (unless you're very mean!) so i promised myself that if i had a baby girl i would make clothes for her.

nearly one year after i had Bella, i finally got round to doing it!

here is my little dress! i got the rough pattern from the book but tweaked it a bit by making it generally scruffier (not on purpose!), adding little pockets etc.

look, it has lining and everything! la-di-da!!

and here's bella now-i had a tough job trying to get a photo where she wasn't lifting the dress up over her head!


blue hands said...

Lovely dress. Lovely Bella xxx

blue hands said...

Lovely dress. Lovely Bella xxx

Diana Smith said...

VERY cute!! I am so glad you commented on my blog!! I am excited to follow your blog and get to know you!

Jen said...

oh Diana i'm so touched you're following my blog, thank you!! x