Saturday, 30 July 2011

things that i've been doing lately

ages ago i made a patchworky, embroidered blanket for the end of our bed but to my shame i never measured it or anything and when i put it on the bed ready to swell with pride i was majorly disappointed to see that it didn't quite fit across it! so i cut it up to make cushions out of it like so:

and so then i was left with a big empty space at the bottom of our bed again so i made this patchwork blanket and that also didn't really fit very very well but i just made a massively chunky border around it so it hangs down quite nicely- i was not prepared to lose another blanket to cushions!

i apologise if the quality of the photos isn't great, my iPhoto isn't working properly!

i also recently had a poorly spell and had to stay on the sofa for days on end so aswell as learning to crochet, i embroidered this cushion:

now i don't know a lot about embroidery, i made up my own 'technique' so i am probably doing it all wrong but i sure do love it and is most probably a million times faster than KNITTING a cushion, i am the worst knitter ever! well that's it for now, just thought i'd catch you up on what's been happening in my house!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

seventeen months too late but...

you may remember that a while ago i made some farmyard animals for bella- here and here. i get bored very quickly and move on to other things before i've finished but this does not mean i have finished completely with that project. today, over a year later, i felt like adding to the brood so while bella was sleeping:

i made a cow!! 

and its tail has wire in it so it can be positioned any which way you like! ooh it was nice to make this today, felt quite exciting sketching it out and building it out of fabric! you never know i might make another animal very soon, i'm so in the zone!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

some new friends for bella

one of bella's best things is to go through people's purses and wallets (it's a good life skill!) so i've made her a little wallet that is full of old cards that people don't want anymore. 
the only words bella can say are dada and duck. she just loves ducks and can recognise them anywhere, even the tiny pictures of rubber ducks on her wet wipes packet. but anyway, i wanted to help her recognise other animals to so i drew some little animals... 

and have printed them out on little cards so she can put them in her wallet! here she is playing with them-they are a big hit with her!