Tuesday, 19 July 2011

some new friends for bella

one of bella's best things is to go through people's purses and wallets (it's a good life skill!) so i've made her a little wallet that is full of old cards that people don't want anymore. 
the only words bella can say are dada and duck. she just loves ducks and can recognise them anywhere, even the tiny pictures of rubber ducks on her wet wipes packet. but anyway, i wanted to help her recognise other animals to so i drew some little animals... 

and have printed them out on little cards so she can put them in her wallet! here she is playing with them-they are a big hit with her!

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Diana Smith said...

Such a cute idea! I know what you mean about them going through wallets. Sometimes I am like go for it, it will make you happy and so I can just get things done, but how nice it could be things that aren't exactly important...like credit cards!!