Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's my faaaaavourite time of the year!!

i had a stall at church last night, i couldn't be there but my mum very kindly ran it for me. i did however get to set it up myself which was very exciting! 

Some pictures from it here, if you see anything you like there's plenty more where that came from if you wanted to request anything! is here!! spent the afternoon putting up the tree.

all our decorations smell a little bit funny! not just 'been stuck in a box for a year' funny, they smell like we've been rubbing them in bella's dirty nappies! which of course we haven't been doing! i've drenched them all with Febreze and will give them a day or two to air and then hoooopefully they will smell less offensive!

here's a photo, thankfully you can't smell it or you might just pass out!!


Alice said...

This has made me giggle! Beautiful inspite of the so excited about Christmas and just LOVED all your stuff on the stall. Xxx

Jen said...

hee hee! thanks so much Alice! Xx