Friday, 16 December 2011

a waste of time...

Last week i had a real hankering to do some painting, it's been so long since i've done any! so i painted a lion, giraffe and elephant for Bella's room. The less said about the elephant the better, i completely hate it, so that'll be painted over some time soon! but i liked my giraffe and lion, here they are!  

But there is a sliiight problem, i have nowhere to put them!!! As soon as i went into B's room to put them up i realised that i had greatly overestimated the wall space! The only walls free to put pictures on already have pictures on! and to be honest i am not ready to take the current pictures down yet.

especially these sewn street pictures, they took forever to make-

i think i will only take them down when Bella is old enough to say 'Mum i'm sick of these pictures!'

so what do i do with the poor giraffe and lion?!!? 

they're not really suitable for the other rooms in the house...hmmm i will stuff them away somewhere till i figure out where they should live! 

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Alice said...

Oh but they are soooooooo lovely! How gutting.