Saturday, 25 February 2012

i want you to meet some friends of mine...

I used to draw all the time, i would constantly be doodling little characters and make little stories for them, but since i went to uni, and then had Bella, i was just a little bit too SERIOUS to be doodling such silly things. But the other night i found myself with a pen and paper and drew some little people-i just LOVED it, i couldn't stop! i have lots of sweet little characters just WAITING to be shown off!

I've only had time to do 2 of them properly but HERE THEY ARE on some little cards all of their own!

This is Clara, look, she has a heart on a piece of paper and all she wants to do is give it to someone and make their day! 

And this is Nora! She is holding a bright balloon and she is totally ready to do some celebrating!

ahhh look at them!! they just REALLY want to be bought and given to someone special!

Please do buy some from my shop, go on, you know you want to!



Natalie said...

These are just lovely! :-)

Mummy Lewis said...

Jen you are so talented! These are lovely!!! Any chance of doing some little boys? x

Jen said...

ah thank you both!

Rachel there are some little boys on the way!