Tuesday, 20 March 2012

a happy accident

A lovely lady from church gave me a bag of fabric that she wouldn't use anymore, and one piece of fabric in particular caught my eye, this beautiful red-purple stuff that I *think* is Liberty fabric, although I could be wrong!

So i made this dress, lined it with one of Nick's old shirts and sewed on one of the shirt pockets as a pocket...

So that was all fine but then I was chatting to my sister on Sunday and she said she'd seen some nice reversible pinafores in London and I thought 'hmmm I wonder if this dress is reversible too...'

and ta daaaaaaa, it totally is!!!

The way I'd sewn the lining happened to be suitable for turning inside out so I of course could not leave it at that so have just sewn on a little cat pocket and some buttons at the top and hey presto!!!

And Bella loves it, she thinks the cat is real, this is her stroking it!