Monday, 23 April 2012

It's someone's birthday on Saturday.

My little Bella Primrose is all grown up and turning 2, and I know it's what everyone says but it really has gone fast! 

I thought I'd freshen up her bedroom a little, I made some sweet little flowers to put on her wall:

I made a rather smug looking little rabbit because we now have a pet rabbit called Posie and Bella is obsessed with rabbits! 

Last year around Bella's first birthday I made a print called 'Bella likes...' with all the stuff she liked doing on it. The plan is to update this every year and this is her new one!

'Poudu' is what she calls Posie and we love it so much, she makes it sound so french!! 

Here she is, my little beauty, almost two. Sigh, I just love her!!


blue hands said...

Happy birthday, Bella!

M xxx

amyartbean said...

Jenn I just had a little read of all are the sweetest mama ever with the cutest little family!love all your creations and art work..would love to go back to our foundation and do it all over again..only better! Glad to see you're doing so well lovely lady!
Lovd Amy k!xx

Jen said...

ahhh amy! thanks so much for your comment! so nice to hear from you! haha, i know, i would do a LOT of things differently if we did foundation again haha! Xx